Brain Gym DVD - Still Available

Improve your own body integration
so that you can move in harmony with your horse

The Equus Projects has developed a series of easy, fun exercises
designed specifically for equestrians that is presented in an easy-to-follow, one hour and 20-minute long DVD

Learn about functional anatomy
Experience a fun and easy warmup
Stay in shape for your horse

Ball Excercises

The Ball Exercises introduce equestrians to contra-lateral movement, movement that ddeply integrates the abdominals. The playful manipulation of the exercise ball compels the mover to work at varied levels in space, employs active use of backspace, requires clarity of spatial intent, encourages deep hip flexion and introduces the image of bony landmarks such as heel-sitz bone connection.

Brain Gym
The Equus Projects teaches their own very fluid version of Brain Gym, adapted for equestrians. Brain Gym is a simple sequence of movement that was designed to improve contralateral body movement and right-left brain integration.
Brain Gym® is a registered trademark of Brain Gym® International / Educational Kinesiology Foundation.
© 2007 Brain Gym® International / Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

Artistic Director: JoAnna Mendl Shaw
Videographer: Katie Drake
Video Editor: Norma Vela

Filmed at The Equus Projects™ March 2007 Clinic in Reddick, Florida

These exercises may not be copied, duplicated or sold without permission from The Equus Projects.

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Brain Gym DVD